Explain which pranayama is best in healing, why?

Explain which pranayama is best in healing, why?

The best pranayama for healing is Nadi Shodhana. (Nadi—energy channels, Shodhana—purification)

We have 72000 energy channels in our body which are called nadis. And the main entrance of nadis is behind nostrils. When we breathe from left nostril it means moon breath and it cools the body when we breathe from right nostril it means sun breath and it warms the body.

Actually, we are breathing from one nostril during 90 minutes and from the other nostril for 90 minutes. If we continue to breath more than 90 minutes from just one nostril it means our body becomes unhealthy.

This alternative nostril breathing pranayama also helps us to balance our energy, because of imbalance of doshas we may have some diseases. It also helps to balance our doshas.

Generally, it is done without retention.

When practicing this pranayama always starts from the left nostril. Inhale from the left nostril and exhale from right, then inhale from the right and exhale from left. This means one round. We use Vishnu mudra during this breathing technique.

If you practice during 5 minutes you start to feel good, 5-10 minutes it begins to effect internal energy, 10-15 minutes it works on your systems, 15-20 minutes each organ, 20-25 every single tissue, 25-30 minutes every single cell in your body.

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How do you become a certified yoga instructor?

With the ever-increasing demand of the yoga, there is spurring of various yoga studios and centers all on the world which has also expanded the industry to almost double in the past few years. Yoga teacher training course is an apt answer to all those who want to withhold the opportunity this new filed can provide them as a carrier.

What you will be taught in yoga teacher training course

Various certifies teacher training course in India are well maintained and kept in the light of focus over each and every minute aspect of understanding the detailed formulation and basis of yoga so that none of the fields remains unexplored and maximum benefit is availed through the course leading to infused confidence in the new instructors.

yoga ttc in Rishikesh

These courses have following schedule

  1. Traditional basis yoga with practical sessions of all the forms of the yoga which are ancient as well as contemporary in development with gradual passing time and requirement. The main aim of such studies is the understanding the mechanism of working and action and diversified fields of yoga.
  2. the instructor course also includes Daily classes of meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting and yoga Nidra practices and are also given along with the understanding of the real understanding of mantras as most of the mantra is in the Sanskrit language which might needed translation and there working plays a crucial role.
  3. Daily classes are also based on the understanding of deep-rooted yoga philosophy which are laid thousands of year before and is well required for the understanding of yoga that pertains to only in physical aspects of doing stretching and exercise but are incomplete and one has to indulge in the knowledge of philosophy to understand the techniques mechanism and working of its effect and to become a yoga instructor..
  4. It is suitable for both beginners as well as intermediate yoga enthusiastic as the course is focused more on providing encouragement and peaceful environment to each and every individual interested in doing the courses with comfortable accommodations and clean food.
  5. There are specific sessions in the classes where you get the chance to teach the class yourself and imbibe the real teaching values and gain confidence.

Registration and certification are available in various institutes that provide all the above-mentioned knowledge to you and this certification is further utilized for the financial making.

What Is Basic Philosophy of Yoga?

The yoga philosophy is very simple. It concentrates on the good health of a person. Yoga covers every aspect of the human health whether it is mental, physical, psychology or emotional. The inventors of this ancient science understood the significance of a healthy human being from both mind and body. It has several methods which are very helpful in giving us a wonderful and well-endowed soul and body. Along with this, there are several yoga postures which intended at giving us a happy and healthy mind. On the other hand, a few yoga postures are specifically designed to cure different internal ailments of human body and make the internal organs brawl and strong.

There are some basic and famous philosophies regarding yoga; one of them is the Sankhya philosophy which assigns 3 main functions to the mental strength; Buddhi (the intelligence), Mana (the mind) and Mithya Jnana (the false knowledge).

Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga describes Manato and Chitta similar to a lake, which is basically calm and peaceful but whose central tranquility is indistinct by several thin surface waves. The philosophy of Sankhya states that there are only 2 techniques of disturbing this peacefulness and inspiring patterns of ideas, it is through Pramana (wisdom perceptions) and when our Smriti (remembrance) gets stimulated.

The principle of yoga philosophy is unified to the certainty that there is no such component present beyond the mind and consciousness. The chief idea of this philosophy is to excavate the confusion the presence of superficial realities from the minds of natives. It is supposed that there is a possibility to achieve the stage of self-realization by the right practice of yogic course using a meditation that comes with a complete exclusion from any other erroneous sources of information and abolishes the sense of peacefulness and calmness.


Irrespective of the history of Patanjali, the Yoga Sutras are an imperative portion of the philosophy of yoga. The 196 yoga sutras, or yoga threads, are categorized into four sections:

Contemplation or Samadhi Pada- It explains the objective of yoga in a theoretical form, this purpose being to reach a constant state of the enlightenment Samadhi.

Spiritual Practice or Sadhana Pada- It explains techniques of practice to achieve the yogic goal of Samadhi.

Accomplishments or Vibhuti Pada – It explains the sixth, seventh and eighth limbs of yoga.

Absoluteness or Kaivalya Pada- It explains the construction of mind and how it covers the inner self.

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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

The Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh India is a fully registered Yoga training school located in Rishikesh India.  We offer intensive training programmers conducted in our very own ashram and instructed by our fully qualified and registered yoga teachers. Hatha Yoga School in Rishikesh is a highly reputed yoga training school and is recognized and certified by the Yoga alliance USA. Yoga school in Rishikesh has successfully trained hundreds of students and developed them into excellent yoga teachers.

The Best Yoga school in Rishikesh India training school offers three different types of course;

The 200 hour course which focuses on the static traditional style Indian yoga methods as well as the more dynamic modern yoga techniques

  • The 300 hour course which main focuses are yoga therapy and spiritualistic techniques taught by spiritual masters.
  • The 500 hour course which spans over 8 weeks and covers all aspects of yoga, meditation and spirituality including diet etc.

If you want to learn how to be a yoga instructor (Teacher) and become competent and a specialist in different types of styles yoga then this yoga school is the place for you. This yoga school is one of the leading schools in the world and has expert teachers and spiritual masters to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to students. All our teachers are fully licensed and qualified in a wide range of yoga techniques and meditation methods.

Hatha Yoga School in Rishikesh is an affiliated yoga ashram with Association of Yoga and Meditation which offers various has all the tools and resources available to train students and would them into the best yoga teachers possible. The specially crafted teaching programmers and classes are designed to intensively train all our students, regardless of their yoga experience, or lack of it for that matter. At the Hatha yoga school Rishikesh our students receive the best education in yoga methods and are also given additional guidance and support to enable them to become the best teachers they can possibly be. We believe in complete knowledge and training and do not cut corners when training our students.

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How Important is Alignment in Yoga ?

Alignment is the specific way in which the body should be positioned in every yoga postures in order to obtain the utmost benefit from the posture and avoid injury. Primary principles of various Asanas should be kept in mind while aligning in to the pose. It is important to remember the focus and purpose of asana. Fundamental alignment is important in yoga poses as it will maximize the benefits of the pose.

Why is Alignment Important in Yoga?

Enhances the value of pose:  Asanas, positions, or poses in Hatha Yoga, can be practiced at many levels, from easy to difficult. Making sure that your asana is aligned, means paying attention not only to the shape your body is trying to make, but what muscles and leverage it is using to get there. In Downward Facing, for example, the general shape of the pose is a triangle, with one line formed by your torso and arms, and the other line formed by your legs, as you face the ground. The value of the pose, however, comes from the alignment of your limbs and your muscles, with feet, hips, shoulders, and hands all in the same line, and equal support coming from your upper and lower body.

Yoga Alignment

Essential to avoid injury: Yoga Alignment is crucial to a beneficial Hatha Yoga practice for several reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, proper alignment is essential to avoid injury during practice. If your shoulders, hips, knees, or neck, are out of line with the rest of the pose, straining or spraining becomes much more likely – no matter how experienced you may be. Particularly, when asanas enhances in difficulty for more Yoga practitioners, proper alignment is even more important. For those who “already know what they are doing,” the ego may push them further than they should safely be.

Speed up the physical results: Additionally, proper alignment in a Yoga pose helps you to get the most out of your practice. Your body can take shortcuts in the way that you approach certain poses, even when you are consciously trying your best. In Warrior, I, for example, checking to make sure that your shoulders are aligned with your hips, as you reach for the sky, engage your lower and upper back muscles. This engagement not only makes your pose more stable at the moment, but it also strengthens more muscles with the same amount of practice. In turn, this will speed up your physical results and produce a more toned physique. Every Yoga practitioner, from the most experienced teacher to the most novice beginner, can benefit from focusing on Yoga Alignment.

For teachers and practitioners of Yoga, it is easy to get caught up in the challenge of a pose. You strain muscles and stretch limbs to reach the perfect expression, demonstrated by a teacher, a video, a picture, or just depicted within your mind’s eye. Yet, by striving for perfection in your poses, you can often lose sight of what is much more important in practicing Yoga – whatever your perceived level: The alignment of the asana. This is it in how important is yoga alignment?

Why Yoga Self-Practice is Important ?

You have been taught in yoga classes in Rishikesh  by teachers and yoga instructor to focus on self-practice. as truly said Yoga is nothing without a practice on your own at home. Home practice gives you the right self evaluation into how to focus on difficult areas and ease of doing various asana practice, enhance the value of self-awareness of one body, and cultivates the ability to care for our existence if you are practicing at home too you are less likely to be acting under the influence of super egoism and more likely to listen to body’s inner voice.

Yoga ttc in Rishikesh

Gain more confidence with self-practice

We all were nervous to start new things but with time started loving the new experience. Same goes for the yoga and the mantra to this is continuous self-practice so that you can gain the required confidence. Go steady to win the race. You can fail initially in a few attempts for trying out those techniques and poses at home which was taught in class. Its a gradual process of perfection with time. Let the learning process flow at its own pace for the life-changing impact on your mind body and soul

Realize real yoga

In lack of knowledge and information, we end up believing that yoga is equivalent to only touching your feet lifting your body in a particular direction sometimes it’s the fault of our teachers too. But this conception all round yoga is debunking as new scientific researchers are proving which you can experience yourself and how it works on our anatomy and physiology to change our lives for better health. If we have a proper scientific analysis of any asana we will realize there is a flow of energy is a sequential cyclic manner which explains working of yoga for health. externally tendon and ligaments are relaxed and internal organ are supplied with oxygen for the growth.

Be flexible with yoga practice

Many people think that they can’t do yoga because of them a stiff or not flexible enough. Yoga is a practice that makes a person more flexible and increases the range of motion. It makes you stretch those muscles well, so all the non stretchable people should be encouraged to do yoga. Home practice of asana can be helpful for non flexible people to increase flexibility which is explained in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh very well.

These are just a few points that are extremely helpful for the self-yoga practice. It is natural that there are when you are extremely busy and have no time for yourself during days. In such cases, you will require some tricks through which you can complete your yoga practice in an easy way.

If you know the tricks then you can give time to self-practice by fixing off a specific location that can help you to grow. The tricks that yoga can do will help you to have a hang of your body, mind and soul providing you with a calmness and peace of mind.

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Yoga ttc for beginners with Hatha yoga school in Rishikesh

Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh at Hatha yoga school Rishikesh India is intended for people with a great skill development interest that are looking to explore it. Hatha yoga school offers comprehensive yoga ttc in Rishikesh India to yoga teachers, aspiring teachers and yoga beginners. The school offers 100 hour, 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh India is the best and inexpensive destinations for yoga courses. Hatha yoga school Rishikesh has successfully completed many yoga ttc like kids yoga ttc, pregnancy yoga ttc, yoga ttc for beginner in Rishikesh.

There are so many yoga schools that provide the different yoga courses in Rishikesh. The reputed yoga school works with experienced yogis who are firmly rooted in tradition. Yoga ttc offers two or three week yoga beginners in Rishikesh India. The yoga classes in Rishikesh cover the entire yoga training programme which includes pranayama, asanas and meditation. After completing the course you will get yoga certifications which will help you to become yoga instructor or yoga master in the near future. The yoga teacher training certificate also ensures that you can teach yoga to others through your knowledge and practice. Hatha yoga school Rishikesh provides the best yoga teacher training programs.

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The Hatha yoga school provides the 100 hour yoga teacher training for yoga beginners with our best yoga instructor who will guide and will give all the necessary guidelines which will be needed for starting a successful yoga. The people those join the Hatha yoga school in Rishikesh can ask their queries and can get the best advice from the yoga instructor. The school has a certified yoga teacher who guides students in yoga through several asana, breathing exercises like pranayama and various postures. Our 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India 2017 offered the good accommodation like meal, local tour etc with the best yoga teacher training programs in India. The main objective of 100 hour yoga ttc  in Rishikesh is to provide yoga classes in Rishikesh India, yoga ttc in Rishikesh and its related yoga poses and meditation yoga teachers training in Rishikesh India. It is a very easy way to learn yoga and practical approach to improve your teacher skills. This 100 hour yoga teacher Training course in India will provide you new insights in all areas of Yogic practices and also present you an opportunity to become a Registered Yoga Instructor – 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India 2017.

About yoga teacher training Program Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known as the ‘The world capital of yoga’. The city has many yoga schools. The Hatha yoga school is situated alongside the banks of the river Ganga. It is a holy city and is believed that meditating here brings closer to Moksha. The city has best yoga schools which teach different courses in yoga.You will get yoga vacation packages which you can select according to your need and interest. Rishikesh is the must visit for any serious yoga aspirant and it is soon becoming a Mecca for the audience those are waking up to the deeper aspects of yoga.

The Hatha yoga school enjoys high repute in the field of yoga education and students of the school come from American, European Asian and from all other countries of the world.

For details of yoga sessions and regular classes the website of this yoga school can accessed at:


About Hatha yoga school Rishikesh

For more information:

Address: Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh at Hatha Yoga School, Near Rani Mandir, Laxman Jhulla Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249201

Contact No: +91- 7017185217

Mail ID: contact@yogateacherstrainingrishikesh.com

Website: http://www.yogateacherstrainingrishikesh.com





500 hour yoga teacher certification- Hatha yoga school Rishikesh, India

If you are truly passionate about yoga and want to make a career in it, going for the 500-hour yoga teacher certification program would be a nice recommendation. Especially, those having a sound fundamental in yoga or who have completed 200 and 300-hour programs, 500-hour would be a nice recommendation to go with.

Why only the top institutions in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh should be the first preference for 500-hour programs. Especially, one should prefer only the top gurukuls for 500-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, if it’s about Hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga is indeed a deeper study of yoga. Not only the postures, here the person has to give proper emphasis on right diet, yoga therapy, yoga cleansing, etc. to be called an expert.

At the same time, the students are taught about right breathing techniques and its proper regulation method for the best result. Here the asanas or the poses are specially scheduled as most of the students require personalized assist on this matter. Not just executing the pose correctly, but the practitioner has to emphasize maintaining the proper sequences as well.

What’s special about Hatha Yoga?

Hatha yoga teacher training in Rishikesh has always been special as here they have always maintained the core Vedic value while teaching. In fact, the concept of Hatha Yoga is purely scientific. Here the emphasis is given on the special aspects like physical siddhis, the studies of which require the highest level of experience from the teacher.

Physical siddhi is all about gaining the crucial powers and the physical advantages, through which one can reduce the ageing effect. At the same time, a greater vision of study is put regarding the spiritual concepts like liberation. All these terms have deep meaning and scientific relevance.

Understanding and studying these require thorough guidance of someone experienced. Well, it’s a fact that the modern-day Hatha Yoga concept is moreover focused around the physical exercises. A renowned center for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can be useful in this regard as well.

Especially, when it comes to the regulations, like the sequence and timing of inhale-exhale, diet rules, timing, etc., and the reasons behind them can only be understood by someone experienced teacher. At the same time keeping you fit, they also show you the way of attaining the highest level of relaxation in the body and tranquility in mind. You can experience a great boost in endurance, core strength, and immunity.


Requisite standard of Yoga School

Rishikesh has been the capital of yoga teacher training India. However, you can’t just go with any institution here; especially for the challenging studies like Hatha Yoga. One should only trust the institutions having experienced teachers, those who are certified yoga trainers being trained from traditional Indian Gurukuls. It would be even better if they provide residential facilities.

A yoga teacher training school maintaining Indian value always emphasizes on maintaining a greater relationship with the students, making them feel free to ask any doubt. These institutions don’t just prepare a student to simply be a yoga teacher; rather, here training is given to developing personality within so that they can be the future leaders in Yoga, as well as every other segment of life.

Go with a yoga training school that sets study curriculum as per the standards set by Yoga Alliance USA, and the Yoga Alliance of the nation. Such institutions issue certification after completion of course, which, holds a lot of value. The best part about yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the opportunity someone can get here about witnessing the intriguing scenarios, the beauty of the Himalaya, the holy Ganga, etc.

What is taught?

500-hour yoga teacher training is a higher level study of Hatha yoga. It also involves the studies of Ashtanga yoga. Students through such programs have to learn everything, starting from various yoga poses, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, yoga physiology, anatomy, yoga philosophy, etc.

At the same time, special emphasis is given on yogic lifestyle. The ultimate purpose is to enhance a person bodily, through the mind, as well from the spiritual point of views. At the same time, the students are given special technique to grow with confidence as a teacher to teach the higher concepts of yoga.

Best Tips to Help You Practice Yoga Effectively At Home

It’s great to see the growing popularity of yoga. People all over the world have realized its significance or health benefits. There is no scarcity of yoga centers in modern times. But, it’s certainly not possible for everyone to visit these places every day. Most people rather prefer doing yoga at home. Nothing wrong with this idea of doing yoga at home, but, it has been seen that people often don’t manage to continue this way for a longer time. For some reasons, be it about injury, health issues or something else, they stop in between. Anyway, given below are some of the crucial tips for all those yoga practitioners who want to practice it at home.

Learn from the experts first:    

Benefits of yoga can be got only when it is executed properly or through proper technique. Hence, it is important first to learn the techniques well from the experts. It is highly recommended not to do yoga seeing the videos or images. There are many aspects which can only be understood when you practice in front of a teacher. Hence, the best suggestion would be to first join a yoga school or yoga training center and learn from the expert there. You may hire a yoga teacher as well, to teach you at the home. Once learnt all the techniques, rules and regulations, you can do it by your own at home.

Tips To Practice Yoga Effectively At Home

Find a private place:

If you have planned to do yoga at home, make sure you have a private space where no one would disturb you. There is no meaning if you got disturbed while doing the yoga exercises. In fact, disturbances are strictly not allowed while doing the pranayams or meditation. For the physical exercises as well, there remains every possibility of disturbance causing injury. Hence, first find a place where no one would disturb you while doing the yoga.

Find the suitable time:

This is one of the biggest concerns for all those who want to do yoga practice at home. They often have the perception that finding time would never be an issue. But, finding time for yoga amidst professional and family responsibility is certainly not as easy as it looks from the outside. At the same time, it is also important to keep some time in hands after yoga session as you can’t bath immediately or eat immediately after doing yoga. It means there should be at least 1.5-2 hours of time after your yoga session. Things get even more challenging for the ladies who have to cook for the entire family. Hence, it is important to first find hours when you can do yoga practice comfortably.

Try to do in the absence of kids or make them involved:

Children are certainly not as serious about health or yoga as you are. They are still pretty much fickle in mind. Hence, you should try doing yoga when they won’t disturb you. Best recommendation would be to wake up early and do yoga before the kids get-up. Doing yoga poses in presence of small kids holds every possibility of wrong execution of yoga techniques. Otherwise, if your child has grown-up or not so fickle, the best recommendation would be to involve them in yoga practice. In fact, it would be best if the entire family practice yoga at a time. This would create a significant harmony and vibe inside the home.

Find a company for the odd days:

Though people often who want to practice yoga at home prefer doing it alone, but, it is essential to find a company for the odd days. The person should be very friendly with you. This is important as not every day is the same. Modern day people often have to come across with various stress in life. There remains every possibility of avoiding or lacking passion to do yoga. This way, the consistency gets broken. Such stresses increase, and instead of advancing towards enlightenment, you would rather have to do yoga for stress and anxiety again. Hence, find a person who can uplift you in such occasions. In fact, it gets easier to avoid the stress factors from mind if yoga is practiced with someone or as a team.

Why is breathing important during practicing yoga?

Yoga is distinguished from other forms of exercises in terms of its technical aspects. It’s not all about insanely sweating out or lifting weights. Yoga needs to be done in a sync with breathing. There is a great relation between the breathing process and yoga exercises. Given below are some of the key relationships between breathing and yoga that every yoga practitioner is essential to keep in mind.

Breathing is related with blood flow rate:

It is strongly recommended to follow the exact breathing process as described by the experts while doing the yoga exercises. You should breathe slowly if it is advised such, and fast if it is advised in accordance. For example, anulom vilom is one of the prominent breathing exercises in yoga.

It is advised to breathe slowly and fully while practicing this exercise. You have to inhale and exhale in a slow and steady process as explained above. This is advised such as the breathing process is related to blood flow rate. It means if you fasten the breathing process, the blood pressure holds every chance to get higher. In fact, swift breathing process may also lead to increased blood flow to the brain.

Why is Breathing Important During Practicing Yoga

To avoid the gastric issues:

The Proper breathing pattern is essential to be followed. Mistakes in such practices may lead to gastric like issues. Taking the case of KapalBhati, it is also one of the frequently practiced breathing techniques in yoga. Starting from weight control, keeping blood pressure in check, to improving digestion, there are many benefits of kapalBhati.

However, the best benefits can only be achieved if you execute the exercise properly. For example, it is advised to exhale swiftly, dragging the entire air within the stomach out. Failing to do this may lead to gastric issues. It has been seen on many occasions that people don’t take this seriously, which make them suffer from the gastric issues.

Breath and diet:

Breathing also has relation with diet for a yoga practitioner.  Again, taking the case of Kapal Bhati for example, it is advised to do this exercise strictly in empty stomach. You should also be free of the toilet like issues.

As the exercise involves swift air transmission within the intestinal and other organs in the stomach region, there remains every chance of circulation of acidic and unhealthy airs throughout the body and the blood, if these organs are not empty. Not just Kapabhati, it is therefore advised to do all forms of yoga breathing exercises in the empty stomach only. Well, the rule is much strictly applied for Kapalbhati.

To avoid cramps and digestion issues:

Following proper breathing, process is not just crucial for or breathing techniques in yoga, but also for other physical exercises. There remains every chance for the person to suffer from cramp like issues if the breathing is not done properly. Also, you may also suffer from digestion related issues upon violating the recommended breathing process. Hence, it is always advised to first practice and learn yoga or breathing techniques through an expert to avoid the side-effects.