Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

The Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh India is a fully registered Yoga training school located in Rishikesh India.  We offer intensive training programmers conducted in our very own ashram and instructed by our fully qualified and registered yoga teachers. Hatha Yoga School in Rishikesh is a highly reputed yoga training school and is recognized and certified by the Yoga alliance USA. Yoga school in Rishikesh has successfully trained hundreds of students and developed them into excellent yoga teachers.

The Best Yoga school in Rishikesh India training school offers three different types of course;

The 200 hour course which focuses on the static traditional style Indian yoga methods as well as the more dynamic modern yoga techniques

  • The 300 hour course which main focuses are yoga therapy and spiritualistic techniques taught by spiritual masters.
  • The 500 hour course which spans over 8 weeks and covers all aspects of yoga, meditation and spirituality including diet etc.

If you want to learn how to be a yoga instructor (Teacher) and become competent and a specialist in different types of styles yoga then this yoga school is the place for you. This yoga school is one of the leading schools in the world and has expert teachers and spiritual masters to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to students. All our teachers are fully licensed and qualified in a wide range of yoga techniques and meditation methods.

Hatha Yoga School in Rishikesh is an affiliated yoga ashram with Association of Yoga and Meditation which offers various has all the tools and resources available to train students and would them into the best yoga teachers possible. The specially crafted teaching programmers and classes are designed to intensively train all our students, regardless of their yoga experience, or lack of it for that matter. At the Hatha yoga school Rishikesh our students receive the best education in yoga methods and are also given additional guidance and support to enable them to become the best teachers they can possibly be. We believe in complete knowledge and training and do not cut corners when training our students.

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